Known Bugs / Limitations / Flaws


Cells with a ButtonBox inside won't convert Margins, CellDingBat or Frame set at cell level (see the cell with NOTE: below. It should have a left frame of 2 pixel and a top frame of 1px)

The background of a Table (GridBox) is only applied to its contents in the html file, not to the whole <TABLE>...</TABLE>

The installer under Linux works only for root (because non-root does not have writing permissions to the Mathematica directory), although it writes out a success message if a non-root user tries the install.

Suggestions / minor bugs which are not important

If a LineSpacing is given in the StyleSheet, the spacing is too narrow in the browser.

(Windows)Pathes written in Output show up with double backslashes:


The Magnification option might be translated as <span style="font-size: x%;">...</span>

Make the contents of the first cell with "Title" style the Title of the html page. (This needs to be done by HTMLSave).

The CellFrameLabel and CellDingbat could be written out like normal text before and after the contents of the cell.

Output in TableForm ignores the indentation (because a TableForm is translated into a <TABLE>, so the settings for the cell don't take effect.)

Issues which can or will not be fixed

NOTE: Although this package also fixes some bugs in the HTMLSave code, I do not use the HTMLSave code. Rather I just patch the functions which need a change. So, when a new version of the HTMLSave package is released, you don't need any new version of the CSSSave` package. Just use this version...
However, this has the drawback that I am not able to fix all the bugs inside HTMLSave.

Under Netscape the spacing is much larger than in Internet Explorer (this cannot and will never be fixed)

Due to the character of the hypertext markup language (HTML), blank lines will not appear in the browser, except they are explicitly forced by a esc-nbs-esc (non-breaking-space) in the notebook.

If Paragraphindent is set to a negative value, it is treated like 0, because otherwise the background in the browser would not be drawn correctly.

Bugs from HTMLSave

If you use an external style sheet that is in the same directory as the notebook, and not in Mathematica's style sheet directory, HTMLSave will not find it and complain. This is a bug in HTMLSave.

Special Characters like the \DoubleStruckR, \AliasDelimiter,  etc. are not converted right (actually, garbage is written out, because the Unicode character is split up into two characters, one having a character code of the lower, the other the code of the higher part of the original unicode character code). This is not CSSSave's fault, but HTMLSave's.

Sometimes automatically numbered sections etc. are not numbered correctly in the html page. Just convert the file again (without restarting Mathematica), and everything will work.

Input and Output lines will only have a line break where an explicit linebreak (\n or \ [IndentingNewLine] was entered, resulting in very long lines(I should really try to fix this myself, however, I have not yet figured out the real problem)

If there are hyperlinks in the notebook referring to other parts of the notebook that go into other HTML files, the resulting HTML hyperlinks don't work: they refer to the file they are in, not the file the target is in.


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