Changes from 0.1 to 1.0

Fixed the double frame in typeset boxes:


Giving only a directory now correctly creates the stylesheet as default.css in that directory

The color of the border in the browser is now the same color as the CellFrame in Mathematica.

Included the CellDingbat, CellFrame, CellMargins options for a cell in the notebook into the block level HTML tag, so it no longer messes up spacing and indentation.

Closed sections with a frame, CellDingbat etc. set at the cell level now work as hyperlinks. (They did not work under Netscape because HTMLSave wrote out something like <a href=...><h1>....</h1></a>, while it should have been <h1><a href=...>....</a></h1>).

Sometimes an \ [IndentingNewLine] was converted to &IndentingNewLine; . Fixed this to a line break.

In Netscape a block level attribute (like border, background etc.) in the css style sheet caused an inline code like StyleBox[..., "Input"] to start a new paragraph. E.g. the following text is in input style and should be in the same line as this text. This is in Input and should NOT start a new paragraph (however, in Netscape it did not). This is fixed now, as I made a difference between classes applied to blocks and classes that are used inline. This also solved some other formatting problems.

Added a navigation bar (at this time only a link to the main page) at the bottom with a link to jump back to the main page. (Maybe also back / forward buttons? This however, is not possible with the current structure of HTMLSave.) This feature can be turned off by the option MainPageLinks -> False for HTMLSave. The text of the link can be controlled by the option MainPageLinkText->{"text before link", "link text", "text after link"}. This text can also include HTML tags.

Added an additional option "GroupLinkType" which controls how the link to a closed subgroup is shown. The default is "Triangle", which shows a small triangle like in Mathematica. Click on it, and the cellgroup will be displayed. Any other setting will result in the usual behaviour (the whole contents of the first cell of the group is a hyperlink to the group's contents).

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