Internally a function CSSSave is defined that converts the Mathematica style sheet to a Cascading style sheet. If you only need to create a css file from a Mathematica Style sheet, this is the function you need. It has the same syntax as HTMLSave:


CSSSave["file.css"] saves an CSS version of the style sheet used or defined in the currently selected notebook in the front end.
CSSSave["file.css", "source.nb"] saves an CSS version of the styles used or defined in the notebook from the file source.nb.
CSSSave["file.css", notebook] saves an CSS version of the styles corresponding to the specified notebook object.

CSSSave has the following options:

ConversionStyleEnvironment Working Which environment from the style sheet should be used
CSSVersion CSS1 Version of the CSS definition (CSS1, CSS2, NN4 or IE4)
ReturnSSData False used internally by HTMLSave
WriteSSData False not implemented yet

CSSSave is normally not called directly but internally by HTMLSave.
• See also: HTMLSave, TeXSave, Display, HTMLSave extensions

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