Also, the HTMLSave function was extended by 4 Options:

HTMLSave options extensions by CSSSave`

As a reminder, the syntax for HTMLSave:

HTMLSave["file.html"] saves an HTML version of the currently selected notebook in the front end.
HTMLSave["file.html", "source.nb"] saves an HTML version of the notebook from the file source.nb.
HTMLSave["file.html", notebook] saves an HTML version of the notebook corresponding to the specified notebook object.

HTMLSave was extended by the following two options, which are added as soon as you load the CSSSave` package.

CSSFile None Name of the CSSFile which is linked to the HTML file. If you already have one Cascading Style sheet that you wand to use with all your converted notebooks, just give the filename.
MainPageLinks True Determines wheter subfiles (e.g. a closed group) contain a link at the bottom that points to the main page (the page that you initially converted). Very useful as a Back to the main page link.
MainPageLinksText {<hr><center>Back to the , Main Page, </center>} Determines the text that is shown in the link back to the main page (only if MainPageLinks->True). The list consists of three entries: The text before the link, at the link and after the link to the main page.
GroupLinkType Default Determines how the link to closed groups will  look like. The setting Triangle displays a small triangle at the left of the first cell, which is a hyperlink to the cell's contents. Any other setting results in the current behaviour, that the whole contents of the first cell are a hyperlink to the group's contens.

If you want to change these options, the best way to do so is to use:

SetOptions[HTMLSave, GroupLinkType->"Triangle"]

• See also: HTMLSave, CSSSave.

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